Learners are removed from your organisation rather than being 'deleted'. However you can remove learners from your organisation so they are no longer listed as an active learner (and are displayed in the Learners tab).

We recommend that organisations review the learners loaded against their organisation and identify any who may have studied with the organisation several years ago.

When removing learners from your organisation you can chose between:

- 'Remove from organisation only' (Learners stay in any groups they are assigned to. Best option for removing past learners who have sat assessments.)

- 'Remove from organisation and groups' (Removes the learner from any groups they belong to as well as removing them from the organisation. Suggested for learners who withdraw prior to sitting assessments.)

At any time you can search for and locate learners who have been removed using either option. There is also a function to reinstate learners if they re-join your organisation in the future.