Organisation Administrators and Educators have different levels of access within the Assessment Tool. This means Organisation Administrators have some extra functions that Educators do not. For instance the Educators tab and Administration tab are only viewable for people that hold the Organisation Administrator role. If you are logged in as an Educator or Restricted Educator you will not be able to see either of these tabs.

Organisation Administrators

Organisation Administrators are users of the system who have special privileges relating to reporting, creating and viewing user profiles and creating Organisation Groups. The Organisation Administrator is able to control the access privileges of Educators by creating Organisation Groups and assigning learners and Educators to them. 

Adding learners

Only organisation administrators can add learners to the assessment tool. 

A critical decision for an organisation is to determine which Learners will be assessed. Answers to the following questions will help inform that decision:

  1. How is the organisation going to use the assessment information to strengthen a Learner’s reading, writing or numeracy?
  2. When it is most appropriate to assess a Learner?

There are two ways to add Learners to the Assessment Tool:

  • Upload from a CSV file (sample file can be downloaded at the bottom of this page). This is done on the administration tab.
  • Create the Learners from within the tool (this is done on the learner's tab).

Example upload files and instructions can be found as attachments at the bottom of this page. There are three kinds of upload file; one which uploads learners only, one which uploads learners and sorts them into groups, and one which uploads learners and educators and sorts them into groups.

Creating Groups

Organisation administrators are responsible for creating groups of learners within the tool. Groups are essential for reporting and also for allowing educators to see only the learners they are working with. In essence, creating a group in the Assessment Tool, is like creating an empty container. Once a group is created, you can then add Learners and Educators to the group.

Thinking about how programmes and courses are structured within your organisation is central to deciding on how to group Learners in the Assessment Tool. For example:

Creating educator profiles

Creating Educator profiles is a key function of the Organisation Administrator within the Assessment Tool. Educators at your organisation will not be able to log into the Assessment Tool until their profile has been created. To create a profile, click on the educator tab and select the 'create educator' link on the right hand side. NOTE: If you do not know the new educator's ESAA/ESL username, the system will generate an alphanumeric educator code. The educator will need to enter this the first time they log in.