The rules and conditions related to using the Assessment Tool for different funding streams are now available on the TEC website.

The TEC Sector Helpdesk can respond to any queries. They can be contacted on 0800 601 301 or

TEC information on its literacy and numeracy interventions is available here

More information on the TEC’s requirements and expectations for Assessment Tool use is here

An overview of different Assessment Tool options is available here

TEC Funds

The TEC administers a variety of different funds that target different types of tertiary education, such as foundation education, vocational education, and education at higher levels of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Industry Training Fund

Intensive Literacy and Numeracy

Intensive Literacy and Numeracy - Targeted ESOL

Student Achievement Component - level 3 and above

Student Achievement Component - level 1 and 2 (competitive)

Student Achievement Component - level 1 and 2 (non-competitive)

Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

Youth Guarantee

TEC guidelines and support information

See below for an updated summary for Tertiary Education Organisations delivering programmes that include literacy and numeracy, as well as further reference documentation provided by the TEC ('Aligning three measures of adult literacy and numeracy' and a table outlining Embedded Literacy and Numeracy Practices). These documents are designed to work as support aids when using the Assessment Tool. These are .