The role of the Educator in the tool is used to refer to any person involved in creating and setting assessments for the Learner with the primary purpose of informing teaching and learning. Depending upon the type of organisation, the Educator may be a tutor, teacher, lecturer, workplace trainer, assessor or manager.

The Educator has an important role to play in the effective use of the Assessment Tool and the information obtained from it. In addition to appropriately creating an assessment, Educators have a role in ensuring that Learners understand why they are completing the assessment and how the assessment information will be used to strengthen their literacy and or numeracy.

Educator Access

The organisation must first be set up to use the Assessment Tool before an Educator will be able to access the tool. Once the organisation is set up, their Organisation Administrator manages the process of creating Educators within the tool. Educators will need to process an ESL (Educator sector Logon) application to have their identified role for the Assessment Tool added to or created in their ESL profile. Please see attachments for the ESAA application form. Completed forms are sent to the Sector Service Desk (details on the ESL form). The Educator always logs on via ESL.

An educator cannot access the Assessment Tool until an organisation administrator has created an educator profile for them (see The Organisation Administrator Role for instructions on how to do this). If an educator profile is created without their ESL username listed, the system will generate a one-time use code called an Educator Code, which will be used the first time the new educator logs in.

Users with Educator access can:

  • Create assessments, assign learners to assessments, and disseminate learner codes
  • View learner reports
  • View assessment comparison reports and gain reports
  • View latest and highest learner reports through the data engine extract
  • Create and maintain their own learner groups

(Note: A user with educator access can only 'see' those learners that they have been attached to through the Groups function. When the organisation administrator creates the educator profile, they need to add the educator to any groups of learners they will be working with. The educator can only access the learners they have been attached to through the group system. Both learners and educators can be attached to any number of groups.)

 Restricted Educator Access

The restricted Educator role is given to a user who will only be marking printed assessments within the tool. This role is not recommended for teaching staff. To create restricted educator access for a user, the organisation administrator needs to create an educator profile as usual, then check the restricted educator box (see below).