The Learners Tab lists all the learners you are authorised to view. Organisation Administrators can view all learners at an organisation whereas Educators can only view learners they are connected to through Organisation Groups.

Learner’s profile details and assessment history can be accessed in the Learners Tab. The learners are listed alphabetically by surname, however you can search the list to show learners assigned to a specific Organisation Group. Under each learner name is a list of the Organisation Group(s) that they are a member of.

By clicking the View Details link for a learner you can access a range of reports that provide information about that learner’s assessment history. Organisation Administrators can also edit a learner’s details on this page (see online help links below).

The following section outlines the some of the important activities performed in the Learners Tab.

View Learner’s details and assessment history

To view a learner’s details and/or their assessment history click the ‘view details’ link to the right of their name. From this screen you can access progress reports and assessments that the learner has completed (or has yet to complete) and the group(s) they belong too.

Progress reports: This report shows the performance of an individual learner over time. You can use this kind of report to track how a learner is progressing. The Progress Report shows the learner's results on a graph for a series of up to five assessments.

Assessment reports: All assessments that a learner has completed are listed here.

Assigned Assessments: All assessments a learner is assigned to but has not yet completed are listed here.

Assigned Groups: All groups the learner is a member of are listed here. This list includes both Organisation Groups and Educator Groups.

View Learner’s assessment history at previous organisation (Organisation Administrators only)

(Important: Please note that the learner must give their permission for you to view their assessment history at a previous organisation.)

The Filter Learners by section allows Organisation Administrators to filter all learners by their assessment history status.

To view an individual learner’s assessment history from a previous organisation click the 'view details' link next to their name, then look for the ‘Manage Assessments’ box on the bottom right-hand side of the learner details screen. If the learner has previous assessment history you will be able to click the link ‘Show assessments at Other Organisations’. This link will be greyed out if the learner does not have any previous assessment history at other organisations.

When you click on this link you will be prompted to confirm that you have permission from the learner to view this assessment data. Click ‘ok’ to show the data or ‘cancel’ to return to the learner details screen. If you click ‘ok’ the link will change to ‘Hide Assessments at Other organisations’ to allow you to hide these assessments again.

View latest Learner results for a Learner or a group of Learners

The Latest Learner Results Reports allow you to see a breakdown of the most recent results obtained by selected learners. Select the learner(s) by ticking the checkbox to the left of their name(s), then click on View Learner Results to view the report.

The Gain Report

The Gain Report identifies learners who have made a statistically significant improvement in their assessment results.

Key points

The Gain Report allows organisations to see which learners have made a statistically significant learning gain between two assessments.

Statistically significant gain means that the Assessment Tool is confident the difference between two scale scores represents real learning progress and cannot be explained as resulting from the imprecision associated with the assessment scores.

A statistically significant gain isn’t necessarily a large gain. It merely indicates that the Assessment Tool is confident that the gain is greater than zero. Making a learning gain takes time, explicit acts of teaching and learner engagement.

More information about the Gain Report is available here.

Data Engine Extracts

These reports will generate files containing all assessment results in all four areas for the selected learners or assessments.

Adding Learners to your organisation (Organisation Administrator only)

Learners can be added manually as individuals or by a Bulk upload CSV file. Click here to see how to create learner records within the Tool manually. Click here for information about how to create a bulk upload file.

Organisation Administrators can both hide and unhide groups. If an learner is a member of a group that has been removed from sight, 'Hidden group(s)' will be listed under their name within the Learners Tab.

Additional Online Help for the Learners Tab

Within the Assessment Tool, the Online Help Guides have further useful information relating to the Learners Tab, including:

Selecting Learners

Adding Learners to the Assessment Tool individually (Organisation Administrator only)

Removing Learners from the Assessment Tool (Organisation Administrator only)

Editing Learner Details (Organisation Administrator only)

Deleting a Learner (Organisation Administrator only)

Search for Learners who have left the Organisation (Organisation Administrator only)

Reallocating Assessments to another Learner (Organisation Administrator only)