Only people with the Organisation Administrator role can view the Educator Tab. It is not visible when logged onto the Assessment Tool with another role.

Before an Educator can be added to groups or assigned to assessments, they will need to have their Educator profile created in the Assessment Tool. This profile must be created by the Organisation Administrator and they should be given access to both the Live and the Training sites.

An Educator profile can be created either with or without an ESAA username, giving organisations the ability to create Educator profiles before an individuals ESAA application form is processed.

Creating Educator profiles with an ESAA username

Educator profiles are created within the Assessment Tool by the Organisation Administrator. When the Educator's ESAA username is known, an Educator Code is neither generated nor required. Click here to see how to add an Educator to the tool.

Note: If an Educator profile is created with the wrong ESAA username (including spelling mistakes) then the profile will need to be deleted and a new one created. Until this is done the Educator will not be able to successfully login to the Assessment Tool. 

Creating Educator profiles without an ESAA username

Even without the ESAA username, an Organisation Administrator may still create an Educator profile within the Assessment Tool. When an Educator profile is created without an ESAA username the Tool generates a one time only code (called the 'educator code') that an Educator enters when logging into the Assessment Tool for the first time.

If the Educator profile is created with an email address included, the Educator code will be automatically emailed to the Educator. If no email address was included the Organisation Administrator will need to browse the Educator profile details to obtain this code. Click here for more information.

Finding Educator Codes

If an Educator profile has been created in the Assessment Tool without an ESAA username, an Educator Code will be automatically generated and (if the email address has also been added) emailed out the the Educator to enter when logging onto the Assessment Tool for the first time. In the absence of an email, the Organisation Administrator can provide this Educator Code.

Please note that an Educator Code is only used once. Upon successfully entering this code when logging into the Assessment Tool a electronic link is created between the Educator profile and the matching ESAA profile. From this point onward the Educator needs only their ESAA username and password to access the Assessment Tool.

Explaining the External Reference Field

When creating an Educator profile you have the option of adding an External Educator Reference (EER). This field allows organisations to include an Educator identification number/tag or reference of some description if they choose. Please note this field is not mandatory.

Connecting Educators to their Learners

Educators can only view Learners they are connected to through organisation group membership/s. In assigning an Educator to an Organisation Group you grant them the ability to view any learners who belong to that group. Multiple Educators can be assigned to the same group and both Educators and learners can belong to multiple groups if required.

If an Educator is not connected to any Organisation Groups then they will not be able to view any learner details/data for your organisation. Only Organisation Administrators can create the Organisation Groups and assign both learners and Educators to them. This is a vital aspect of the Organisation Administrator role.

Organisation Administrators can both hide and unhide groups. If an Educator is a member of a group that has been removed from sight, 'Hidden group(s)' will be listed under their name within the Educators Tab.

Download the PDF below to see how to “Create an Organisation Group”.

Additional Online Help for the Educator Tab

Within the Assessment Tool, the "Organisation Administrator's Help Guide" has further useful information relating to the Educator tab, including:

The Restricted Access Educator

Resetting the Educator Code

Resending the Educator Code by email

Viewing Educator Details

Editing Educator Details

Selecting Educators

Removing Educators from the Assessment Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why hasn't my Educator received an Educator Code?

An Educator is set up within the Assessment Tool by their Organisation Administrator. When Educators are set up without their ESAA Username 'field' populated, they will require an Educator Code when they log onto the Assessment Tool for the first time. If an Educator has not received an Educator Code it is usually because their account has not yet been created by the Organisation Administrator. Alternatively, their email address may not have been added to their account upon creation. To resolve this issue the Educator should either contact their Organisation Administrator or the Assessment Tool Service Desk.