The Administration tab serves only one function: the ability to upload a file of Learner data into the Assessment Tool. Only people with the Organisation Administrator role can view the Administration tab. It is not visible when logged onto the Assessment Tool with another role.

The Administration tab provides the facility for bulk upload of Learners and/or Educators and/or Groups into the Assessment Tool. In this manner, you are able to create Learners, Educators and Groups, and assign the Learners and Educators to the Groups (or other variations) in a single operation.

Using the bulk upload .csv file process to upload Learners to and create Educators and Groups within the Assessment Tool

Only Organisation Administrators are able to add Learners and create Educators and groups within the Assessment Tool. Creating Educators and assigning them to groups of Learners is a key part of the Organisation Administrator's responsibilities when setting up an organisation within the Tool.

A variety of "How-to" documents and their accompanying templates have been created to guide the Organisation Administrator through the Bulk Upload .csv file process to add data to the tool. See the PDF and CSV files below to access step-by-step guides:

1. How to create and import Bulk Learners Upload .csv file

Bulk Learners Upload.csv (template)

2. How to create and import Bulk Learners and Groups Upload .csv file

Bulk Learners and Groups Upload.csv (template)

Practice Learner records are available to populate the training site

It is not necessary to use practice learners for the training site. We would encourage you to use a sample of your own learner demographics as this will give a more realistic experience to your testing. Please note that any learner assessments undertaken in this environment will not be included within the student results on the Production/Live site.

However, if required you can obtain five practice learners from the Help File when logged into the Assessment Tool as an Organisation Administrator. Go to the Administrators tab, click on 'File format for Bulk Uploads', then click on the 'Learner_Only_Upload.csv' link.

When creating a .csv bulk upload file, data must be accurate and consistent

There are both mandatory and optional fields within the .csv bulk upload templates. The data entered into NSN field must be unique - the upload process will produce an error report advising the Learner records are causing an error if two users within the same upload have the same NSN number.

Bulk upload .csv file size limitations

The Assessment Tool is capable of holding an unlimited amount of data (Learner, Educator and Group records), however an upper limit of 5000 has been placed on the .csv file bulk upload function. This limitation is simply to reduce the risk of system overload at any given point in time. If your organisation needs to upload more records than this, you are able to create mutiple upload files and then upload each file one at a time.

Including existing learners within a bulk upload .csv file

If the learner is the same - as identified by the NSN - then all that will happen in the second upload is that the user details will be updated with any changed details.

It is worth noting that previous group memberships are not deleted, e.g. a learner who had been a member of group 'Carpentry 101 2011' would still remain a member of that group if/when they were added to 'Carpentry 201 2011' in the second upload.

Integrating the results from the Assessment Tool with organisation current dataset and records

It is possible to export the Assessment Tool results as a .csv file. Along with the assessment results, other data such as the learner's name, SMS ID and NSN can also be included.

Depending upon the functionality available in the Student Management System, the organisation could match the exported data with their current SMS dataset and import the Assessment Tool data.

It is also possible to export reports in a number of formats, creating the possibility of Learning Management System integration if this is required.

Importing Learners and Educators from a file

Under the Administration tab, you can upload of Learners, Educators and Groups into the Assessment Tool, as well as assigning Learners and Educators to Groups in a single operation.

The structure of the upload file allows you to mix and match the creation and assignment process according to your needs. You can do any of the following in combination:

  • Create Learners
  • Create Educators
  • Create Groups
  • Create and assign Learners to Groups
  • Create and assign Educators to Groups
  • Create and assign Learners and Educators to Groups.

The format of the upload file is explained in under File Format for Bulk Uploads, and sample files are provided for you to modify with your own data, to make this process easier.

Once you have created a file (in CSV format) with the correct sections and data in it, the process for uploading is as follows:

  1. From the Administration tab, select Browse… then navigate to the CSV file.
  2. Once the file has been selected, select Submit.
  3. The Assessment Tool will process the file, and, if it is in the correct format, you should see a message telling you how many Learners and/or Educators have been created and the number of new Groups in the Tool.
  4. Note: In the event that any Learners were previously enrolled at the Organisation and were removed, you will be alerted with this information and the Learner(s) will be reconnected to the results of any Assessments they sat before they were removed.

If the file contains errors, you will be presented with a report on the error(s), and will need to resolve them and then upload the file again.

Additional Online Help for the Administration Tab

Within the Assessment Tool, the Organisation Administrator's Help Guide has further useful information relating to the Administration Tab, including:

Adding users to the system

Reinstating Learners that have left the Organisation

File Format for Bulk Uploads

Ministry of Education Ethnicity codes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When creating a .csv bulk upload file, what happens if the same external reference is used for a Learner with a different name / NSN?

If two users within the same upload file have the same NSN number or external Learner reference - then the upload process will produce an error report showing you the Learner records that are causing the error.