Target Education is one of many PTEs that have added the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool to their assessment ‘toolbox’.

Target have had a diagnostic assessment in place for a number of years and are continuing to use the listening and speaking aspects of their original assessment, while utilising the Assessment Tool for the reading, writing, numeracy and vocabulary strands of the Learning Progressions.

Initially, Target Education assessed learners within their workplace literacy programmes. Computer access is available at two companies with workplace literacy programmes and learners were excited at coming off the factory floor and working with the computer.

Learners were informed the Assessment Tool was coming before they used it; messages to learners included how long the assessments would take and that it was a gauge of their skills rather than a test that they had to pass.

Once the assessment has been completed the tutors talk learners through the report as part of a coaching process and use it to develop individual learning plans. The learners see the Assessment Tool as “different, more interactive than pen and paper assessments”. Learners were “keen to see the results” and appreciated the feedback provided by the reports which their tutors talked through with them.

The Assessment Tool has helped align assessment, teaching, learning, and reporting processes and educators are more confident about where learner’s skills are, as it has helped to make the different aspects of literacy and numeracy easier to identify.

When asked for words of wisdom Debbie, pictured above with Ula, a learner, believes organisations should:

“Have a go. It cuts down on the amount of paper work for tutors and the learners are keen to do the assessments online rather than pen and paper. We’re very spoilt to have such a tool that provides us with the information required to help us and the learners understand their current level of literacy and numeracy. The instant reporting gives the learner an instant result and encourages them, with positive support, to work towards improving any areas of need.”