Spotless Services, a service and facilities management company, became the first employer with an in-house workplace literacy programme to utilise the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool.

Spotless were keen to use the Assessment Tool to future proof its literacy achievement data. Having used a range of tools over the years, the company appreciated that there was a new tool that would be available not just at the end of the current programme, but also into the future.

The company use it as a diagnostic, formative and summative assessment tool as well as building a long term understanding of the literacy and numeracy skills of their sector.

To date, Spotless have assessed in excess of 50 employees and have used the non-adaptive-for-printing assessments as their employees do not have access to computers at work. Spotless appreciates the ability to utilise pen and paper assessments where necessary while still being able to access the extensive online reporting functions within the Assessment Tool.

The training team at Spotless has established an internal moderation process for marking the writing assessments based on the manual provided, which includes marking criteria and exemplars. Although it takes practice to get used to marking the writing assessments, the team have found it useful and robust.