This section provides troubleshooting information for users of the Assessment Tool. The most common technical support requests have been addressed below. If you have a query or have encountered a technical issue that is not covered you could search the FAQ pages (Educational FAQs and Technical FAQs) or contact the Assessment Tool Service Desk at

Educator Code issues

A number of users of the Assessment Tool have experienced issues regarding Educator Codes and Educator Profiles.


If you are prompted for an Educator Code when attempting to log onto the Assessment Tool, please contact your Organisation Administrator.

Organisation Administrators

An Educator profile can be created in the Assessment Tool either with OR without an ESAA username. This enables organisations to create Educator profiles before the staff members ESAA application form is processed.

When an Educator profile is created with an ESAA username, the Educator can log directly onto the Assessment Tool without being prompted for an Educator Code.

When an Educator profile is created without an ESAA username, the Assessment Tool automatically generates an alpha-numeric code that an Educator enters when logging into the Assessment Tool via ESAA for the first time. If the Organisation Administrator has created the Educator profile with an email address included the Educator will automatically be emailed their Educator code. If no email address was included, the Organisation Administrator will need to browse the Educator profile details to obtain this code.

Please note that an Educator Code is only used once. Upon successfully entering this code when logging into the Assessment Tool a link is created between the Educator profile and the matching ESAA profile. From this point forward, the Educator needs only their ESAA username and password to access the Assessment Tool.

Organisation Administrators: see the PDF at the bottom of the page to find out how to create an Educator profile for your staff.

ESAA username and password issues

Organisation Administrators and Educators will always be required to log on to the Assessment Tool via ESAA. Both Organisation Administrators and Educators will need to submit an ESAA application to the Ministry of Education to have their ESAA profile created, or updated in instances where an ESAA profile already exists.

ESAA forms can be downloaded from the Minstry here. Completed forms should be sent to the Ministry of Education Contact Centre for processing (contact details on the ESAA form).

I’m an Educator and I can’t view my learners

Educators and Restricted Educators can only see Learners they are connected to through Organisation Groups. The Organisation Administrator is the person within your organisation that is responsible for uploading Learners to the Assessment Tool, creating Groups and linking both Learners and Educators to these groups. If you cannot view any Learners or Groups within the Assessment Tool you will need to contact your Organisation Administrator/s to have your Group access updated.

Read more here:

Link to the Groups Tab

Link to the Learners Tab

Receiving an Unsupported Browser message

An Unsupported Browser message is triggered automatically if the Assessment Tool detects that you are using a browser that has not been tested. This may be because your browser is using an outdated version, or may be because it is a recent release that has not yet been tested. In either case, you can continue using the Assessment Tool, but you may experience problems with certain functions. If you are using an older browser, we recommend that you upgrade it to a more recent version.

Supprted browsers are:

Internet Explorer – version 6.x or higher.

Mozilla Firefox – version 2.x or higher (for Win XP), 3.0 or higher (for Mac).

Opera – version 9.6 or higher for PC (Win XP).

Safari – version 3.2 or higher (for Mac OS 10.5).

Chrome – version 1.0 or higher

Problems with creating Bulk Upload files

If you are encountering issues in creating and/or uploading a bulk upload file please visit the Administration Tab for support and information.

If you cannot locate an answer to your query or resolve your issue please contact the service desk at

Receiving an Unknown Organisation error message

When attempting to log onto the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool, receiving the 'Unknown Organisation' message indicates that your organisation has not yet been set up within the Assessment Tool. To apply for access, please send a completed Assessment Tool Acceptable Use Agreement application form (see below) to the Assessment Tool Service Desk.

Receiving an Unknown Role error message

When attempting to log onto the Assessment Tool, receiving the 'Unknown Role' message indicates that your ESAA ID login has not yet been assigned the correct Business Role to access the Assessment Tool. To receive this role, please go to the Ministry of Education ESAA page and send an ESAA Request for User Setup and Access form to the Ministry of Education Contact Centre.

What are the website addresses (URL's) to access the production site and the training site?

There are two Assessment Tool sites available.

The Production/Live site (green colour theme) is located at:

The training site (blue colour theme) is located at:

Educators should only ever use the Assessment Preview Code to complete assessments in the live environment.

The Training site is a place for Educators and Organisation Administrators to practice using the Assessment Tool. It is an exact mirror of the Production/Live site so it allows new users an opportunity to explore the Tool. Please note that learners should never be assessed in the Training site. No data gathered in the Training site is backed up or connected to genuine assessment data in the Production/Live Assessment Tool.

If you have any questions about using either of these sites please contact the Assessment Tool service desk at

If the computer crashes or a learner closes their browser while completing an online assessment, do they have start from the beginning again?

The assessment can be resumed at any time by re-entering the Assessment Code at the Assessment Tool login page, provided it is within the life-cycle of the assessment.

If Learner Assessment Codes disappear from Retired Assessments, how do learners view assessment reports at a later date?

The creator of the assessment can regenerate the Assessment Codes of Retired Assessments by opening the assessment and clicking on Reset Assessment Code(s). The learner can then login with the new Assessment Code and go directly to the report. An individual Learner Report is a snapshot of their capability at a given point in time. After the assessment is completed, we would encourage the learner to print or save their report as a record of their assessment. This can be done by clicking on the PDF or CSV links in the top right hand corner of the report window.

Receiving the "Oops!" error message

On occasion, you might find that some aspect of the Assessment Tool causes an error. This is usually a result of a particular and unusual set of circumstances, and it may result in the following screen being displayed (see below). Don't panic: Great care has been taken to ensure that, wherever possible, no data is lost if an error of this sort occurs.

If you have time, please contact the Assessment Tool Service Desk. You can do this by logging a support call via the in-Tool Online Help or by emailing them at

If the error occurred before you were logged in, the link might display an email address instead of the logging a support call link above, but in either case, your response will help the development team analyse and fix any issue, and you will receive a personal response to your message.