These workshops were co-delivered by NZCER and the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults. They included: a range of Assessment Tool user levels from beginner to competent; utilising literacy and numeracy data to inform whole organisation decision making and use of Assessment Tool results to inform teaching and learning practice. Each workshop is specific for its intended audience.

The embedded literacy and numeracy process is designed to facilitate successful learning environments for learners who may otherwise have difficulty with the literacy or numeracy demands of their programme or target vocation. This workshop explored how the embedded literacy process is informed by learners' results with the Assessment Tool. Through the careful mapping of demands, the Assessment Tool informs educators and learners as to specific areas that require development. This allows educators to scaffold demanding tasks to ensure positive learning experiences for learners and to priorities key areas of literacy or numeracy to develop.

Prioritising key literacy and numeracy skills and designing scaffolded strategies to develop these skills can be accomplished using the Learning Progressions and associated resources. The workshop below explores methods of developing group and individual learning plans that facilitate this process. A real example is given and used to support organisations develop their own literacy and numeracy priorities. The assessment tool is a key component of the process and should be used to inform the planning and implementation of the plans.