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Creating Educator profiles with ESAA usernames: Educator profiles are normally created when an individual's ESAA username is available. An ESAA username is obtained from the Ministry of Education Contact Centre. Click here to learn more about the ESAA sign-up process.

Creating Educator profiles without ESAA usernames: An Educator profile can be set up without using an individuals ESAA details. This approach allows the Organisation Administrator to create Educator profiles in anticipation of the ESAA sign-up process for an individual being completed.

Finding an Educator Code: An Educator profile set up without an individuals ESAA username generates an Educator Code. This code connects an individuals ESAA profile (username) with their Educator profile within the Assessment Tool. When an Educator logs in to the Assessment Tool for the first time they will be prompted to enter their Educator Code. This code is only required for the initial login. When the code has been accepted the Assessment Tool has successfully linked the Educator profile and the individuals ESAA profile.

Creating Organisation Groups: Created by Organisation Administrators, Organisation Groups control access to Learners so that only Educators who are assigned to a group can see the Learners in that group. Educators may only administer assessments and view results for Learners they are connected to via this organisation group function.

Adding Learners / Educators to Organisation Groups: Organisation Administrators can add Learners and Educators to existing Organisational Groups. Educators can only administer assessments and view results for Learners they are connected too via this Organisation Group function.