The literacy and numeracy requirements for NCEA Level 1 are a minimum of 10 literacy credits and 10 numeracy credits obtained through either specified achievement standards or the package of three literacy and three numeracy unit standards described in 1 above.  Note that the NCEA Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy requirement must be met to achieve the Level 2 NCEA qualification from 2013 and the Level 3 qualification from 2014. The PDF illustrates how three different measures and descriptions of adult literacy and numeracy may relate.  It is important to note that the measures were developed for different purposes and describe literacy and numeracy competencies in different ways. However, Learner Assessment Tool reports that are recorded at step 5 for numeracy and step 4 for reading are acceptable as a piece of evidence towards the learner portfolio for the NCEA Literacy and Numeracy unit standards that are listed above.